Our Mission:

Our mission is to bring you the best Sockeye Salmon in the World
100% Bristol Bay Alaska Sockeye Salmon
100% Wild-Caught, never farmed
100% the Right Choice

We catch, hand pick, hand fillet and deliver directly to your door

What We Offer
$ Local Delivery in Palm Springs and Coachella Valley
$$ Door to Door Shipping via FedEx

Wild Alaskan Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon

Perfectly Paired with you Favorite:
Champagne Brunch
Dinner Party
Wedding Celebration
Business Retreat
Labor Day BBQ
Thanksgiving Dinner
Christmas Dinner
Just Because Dinner…

You’ll never have to worry about where your fish comes from again. At I Choose Wild, our Sockeye Salmon is brought to you by the men and women that caught this beautiful Salmon.

Bristol Bay Alaska is home of the largest Sockeye Salmon run in the world, with over 61 million sockeye returning to the waters of Bristol Bay in 2018 alone.

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“I Choose Wild”

Hand Picked, Hand Filleted, Hand Delivered to our friends and family

I’m just really excited about this journey and connecting my love of Bristol Bay Alaska with my friends and family here in Palm Springs and the entire Coachella Valley

Mathew A. Walterichoosewild.com

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