We Tried It Here…

Here at I Choose Wild, we’re always searching the web for fun and exciting ways to prepare our favorite protein, Wild Alaska Salmon. We found the following recipe for Smoked Salmon on Pinterest and decided to give it a go.

For this method of smoking salmon, we used our Big Chief smoker, found on Amazon for a tad over $100. The smoker itself  pretty much comes out of the box ready to operate. Slap a few screws on for the handle, plug it in and you’re ready to rock.

This recipe for Smoked Wild Alaska Salmon boils down to 3 easy steps.

  1. portion and pat dry your Wild Alaska Salmon
  2. Mix dry brine and cover Wild Alaska Salmon completely in high wall dish, refrigerate for 8+ hours
  3. Place on racks and smoke for approx. 3-4 hours. Let air dry another hour and enjoy

Using the Big Chief smoker, we filled the wood chips tray 3 times, each tray burning roughly 45-55 minutes. In all, our Wild Alaska Salmon was exposed to direct smoke for about 3 hours before resting in the smoker an additional hour before the racks were removed.

Check out the full recipe and step by step instructions here

Overall, the final result is a well smoked, almost jerky like Wild Alaska Salmon. My one recommendation, reduce the Kosher Salt to 3/4 cups instead of a full cup. It tends to lean a bit on the salty side following the traditional recipe.

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