Wild Alaska Salmon

Wild Alaska Sockeye Salmon – 50+ grams of protein

So, where exactly does Wild Caught Alaska Sockeye Salmon fall in line when it comes to being a PROTEIN SUPER FOOD? We did our research and the internet was very eager to educate. A Simple search of the term ‘high protein foods’ and you’ll be rewarded with link after link of all the gurus’ top ‘BEST’ lists. We weren’t surprised to find foods such as chicken, steak, peanut butter and hard boiled eggs on the list, but we did get a surprise to find other tasty treats.

In short and according to WebMD, Protein helps the body to build and repair tissues. Protein is an essential building block for bones, muscle, cartilage, skin and blood.

After completing our review of the top proteins available for our daily diet, we compiled our own list. Guess which protein cornered the top spot?

  1. Wild Alaska Sockeye Salmon – 59 grams in our 8 oz. portion size
  2. Brussels Sprouts – combine with the above Wild Sockeye Salmon for a muscle rebuilding dinner
  3. Peanut Butter – add celery sticks or cut up carrots as your spoon, and you’re on the way to a protein packed snack
  4. Quinoa – a fully vegetarian option for raking in those proteins. The major win here, quinoa contains all 11 essential proteins, making for a ‘complete protein’ addition to any meal.

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